All your Avon friends are going – you should too!









Get motivated.
Get excited.
Get to RepFest!

Only at RepFest 2017

  • Get world-class business-building training
  • Be the first to see new products
  • Discover new ways to sell, recruit and grow
  • Get free Avon swag worth $150
  • Learn how to maximize your Avon earnings potential
  • Enjoy surprises, giveaways, dancing, music and more!

Representatives from coast to coast agree … RepFest is the place to be!

“You’ll have well-deserved fun – but you’ll also make new friends, get inspired and energized, and go home to grow your business. Then one day your dreams could come true, too!”

Alba Tabares

Avon Gold Executive Leader, Honor Society and 2016 Woman of Enterprise Representative

“RepFest is a celebration of Avon Representatives! There’s training, inspiration, keynote speakers, motivation, and the you-do-not-want-to-miss-it experience of Product Expo, where you get to see all the new products and touch and experience them all first-hand. You’ll definitely come home with the knowledge to grow your business in all areas!”

Lisa Monoson

Avon Gold Leader and President’s Club Representative

“Last year at RepFest I went to a Seminar on social media because I wanted to expand my business that way. What I learned there was exactly what I needed! I now reach more and more new customers on social media, and my friends even share my posts with their friends. All because I attended RepFest!”

Marie Moffitt

Avon Gold Ambassador and President’s Club Representative

“My sister Representatives and I loved that the Leaders we follow on social media conducted the Training Seminars and that we actually got to meet them and hear their experiences first hand! We are absolutely looking forward to RepFest 2017!”

Lizette Salameh

Avon Silver Leader and President’s Club Representative

“RepFest is amazing. You really have to see it to believe it – so many people and so much excitement and motivation. Seeing all the new products in the Product Expo, connecting with other Representatives and hearing about their successes – it’s a great experience. I can’t wait for Nashville!”

Andres Tabares

Avon Gold Ambassador and Honor Society Representative

“Attending RepFest is one of the best things you can do for your business, because you’ll walk away with so much product knowledge, success-proven strategies, and all around enthusiasm!”

Amy Deline

Avon Gold Leader and President’s Club Representative